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DIY versus Professional Developers

Are you really saving money by trying to create your own web store?


Is it really that easy?

The ads for the various online store platforms make it look so easy! However when using Do-It-Yourself online websites, there are many factors to keep in mind so that you can determine if it really is the best way to go:

  1. Do you have the knowledge to do all the work yourself? And even if you do, what is your own time worth?
  2. Do you know how to work with pictures? Cropping, sizing, optimizing and more? If your images are not prepared properly, it will affect how fast a page loads up. Slow to open pages run the risk of losing potential customers!
  3. Do you know where to go get professional looking photos? Taking pictures off the internet through Google leaves you open to copyright issues, as well as image sizing issues. Many of those pictures are often not professionally taken, and it shows!
  4. Did you know that most online platforms such as Wix, Shopify and others will not release your files if you decide to leave them? They're not being mean, it's just the way the overall concept is created. Your files just become part of their backend files and cannot be separated once they're there.
  5. Do you know how to deal with an online merchant account? Many systems cannot deal with our Canadian 2-tiered taxation system and do not always have the capability of separating GST, PST,HST, QST in their taxation fields.
  6. Do you know how to add all the extra "stuff" to make it search engine friendly? Being found through internet searches is not automatic and takes a lot of extra steps to ensure a high ranking.


Yes hiring professionals is a good thing!

Affordable Web Design Ltd has been creating web projects for over 26 years. We base our designs on your requirements, whether it be a Wordpress based starter store or a complex non-template totally custom designed site!

  1. We are a full time web design agency so creating effective websites for our clients is all we do!
  2. We have the best software to ensure that all images are properly cropped, sized and optimized and that the display of pictures looks professional.
  3. Included with any of the three packages we provide, we look for the most suitable high quality photos on professional photo sites and we purchase them, thus avoiding any potential copyright issue.
  4. If you ever wish to go elsewhere, as long as your account is up-to-date, Affordable Web Store will release all your files to you.
  5. We do all the necessary technical steps to tie into your Online Merchant Account. We highly recommend using Stripe Inc (www.stripe.com) over Paypal, since it is more user friendly, has many more options, as well as being compatible with Canadian taxation.
  6. We will include as many SEO elements as we can in order to help you be found through internet searches to the extent the theme allows. We are well known for helping clients be found through internet searches.

From Starter to Custom

You can rely on our expertise!

We will listen to what you want to achieve and we will then recommend the best course of action to get the end result required!

The world of Web Design is quite complex, and anyone who makes it sound easy is leaving out a lot of factors. Our packages are geared to keep in line with your budget.

Our Affordable Calgary Web team of professional developers will help you every step of the way!
Do-It-Yourself web stores are not as easy as they sound - hire professionals like Affordable Web Design Ltd for an effective design to attract your potential customers.